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Origanum majorana
Origanum majorana
Did you know that… ?
  1. …the stronger the sunlight to which the marjoram plant is subjected, the more intense is its aroma?
  2. …as a spice, marjoram is the ground leaves and flowers of the herb Origanum majorana?
  3. …marjoram relaxes cramps and strengthens the nervous system?
  4. …marjoram used to be added to fresh milk during storms, because it was believed to guard against coagulation and souring?
  5. …the name Origanum comes from the Greek "Oros ganos", meaning joy from the mountains?
  6. …aromatic marjoram was used in the Middle Ages by ladies in their baths?
  7. …marjoram originates in the Mediterranean, and Romans and Greeks used it as a symbol of good luck?
Dried Marjoram leafs

Heavenly apple bed

2 onions
300 g hunters' salami (or other hard salami)
3 tablespoons butter
400 g apples
3 soup spoons raisins
3 tablespoons honey
several sprigs chopped fresh marjoram, or one tablespoon dried marjoram
pepper, salt

Thinly slice onions and fry in butter until translucent. Cut salami into cubes and add to onions. Peel, core and thickly slice apples, separately simmer in butter, add raisins and honey, salt and pepper to taste. Arrange apples onto a plate, layer on salami with onions and garnish generously with marjoram.


Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used it to spice their wine and considered it an aid to virility. It was one of the ingredients in love potions and considered a magic herb. Greeks used it as incense to honor the goddess Aphrodite. The name marjoram probably comes from Arabic (marjamie – incomparable). It supposedly came to Europe from Jerusalem during the crusades and since the 16th century, has been used both in the kitchen and as a home remedy.